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Loose Parts Exchange

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Loose Parts Exchange


Loose parts are really any materials that don’t serve one sole purpose or include a specific set of instructions. Children can combine them, redesign them, line them up, take them apart, move them around, and put loose parts back together in countless ways. There’s also no right or wrong way of playing with loose parts, therefore mistakes, errors, and failure aren’t part of the equation.


Here’s How It Will Go…


1. Gather!

We all have access to different types of materials. What can you bring to share? Between now and the event gather your loose parts. Get your families involved. Post a list for your families or send a note home.


2. Bring!

Bring them with you to the CCPC Fall Professional Development Event in Emporia!

When you arrive, staff at the welcome table will direct you to the Loose Parts Area.


3.  Share!

During the event we will announce times for participants to visit the loose parts table and gather materials to take home to their programs.


4. Enjoy!

Place the materials in your child care space and watch as the children impress you with their creativity and learning!

For more information or questions contact

Melissa Bowles at

2020 Annual Conference

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