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Event Registration and Prices

How to register and participate in the
CCPC Virtual Professional Development Event

2020 Annual Conference

Step One

Click on the registration link and fill out needed informaiton along with your payment. 


Your registration will not be complete unless an online payment is made

When you hit submit on the registration form it will take you to the payment informtion and you will have two options: 

Yellow Button-Pay Pal Payment or Blue Button-Pay Pal Credit.  

Click the Yellow Button and you will be giving the option to pay with Pay Pal or a Debit or Credit Card. 


Event prices are list below.  This year we have added a new Member Only - Group Registration.  This is for providers that have a group license with employees.  This will allow for up to 3 of their employees to attend the event without paying for a membership and at a discounted rate.  

Please make sure to use an email that is active.  This is how you will receive confirmation of registration and payment, information about the event, evaluations and certificates. 

Heading 6
2023 Event Prices 
16 KDHE Approved Hours

FCC Member Registration


FCC Member Only-Group Registration

(FCC Member with group license/employees)

$40.00 + $30.00 per participant  (Up to 3 employees)

Supportive Member Only - Group Registration

(Center Directors/Owners with employees)

$40.00 + $30.00 per participant  (Up to 3 employees)

Non-Member Registration


Step Two

Participants will receive a confirmation email for their registration.

Step Three

On March 28, 2023 participants will receive an email with a invite to the facebook group.  

Step Four

Participate in the Facebook event prior to the virtual conference.

There will be virtual shopping, an online book fair, and follow up conversations on each workshop. 

Step Five

Each day of our virtual event you will receive an email that will have zoom link to the workshop. 

Step Six

Attend workshop – once in the workshop you will be asked to sign in under the chat section with your name and email.  We ask that each participant have their camera turned on and their microphone muted during the workshop.  During the workshops there will be a presenter and a helper from CCPC to assist with questions.

Step Seven

At the conclusion of the virtual event CCPC will email certificates and an evaluation survey to each participant.   Please fill out the survey because it will help us with future events.

Step Eight

Save the date for next year! 

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