The Child Care Provider Coalition of Kansas is a not-for-profit organization founded for and by professional family child care providers in Kansas.   We are a support group for strength and unity in representing our view point on child care issues.  CCPC includes licensed child care providers, statewide organizations, regional and local child care agencies and individuals committed to improving the quality of child care and early childhood education in Kansas.  We recognize the beauty of the diversity in family child care and realize that there are many right ways to do things.  CCPC of Kansas, Inc. supports regulatory requirements as they protect the health and safety of children. 

Our goals are to promote the status of family child care and educate the public and private sectors on the importance of quality child care and the valuable role they play in the early care and education field.  We are also here to help individual providers deal with issues that commonly affect family child care providers and celebrate the rewards of working with children and families.  We will keep you up to date on issues including legislation, taxes, professional development and quality improvements.


Through membership, support and advocacy, CCPC continues to be on the forefront of the early childhood professional and the families they support. 


Thank you for visiting our site. We look forward to serving you.


Vision Statement


“Every family child care provider in Kansas has access to the highest quality professional development and resources that promotes their growth as educators and leaders.”


Mission Statement


“Provide access to high quality professional development to encourage use of the most current best practice recommendations, network to support each other as colleagues, and strong advocacy to highlight strengths and opportunities.”


Core Values


In order to create a more unified network of family child care professionals, CCPC promises to...


  • Support licensed child care providers

  • Celebrate the beauty of diversity in family child care

  • Promote compliance with regulatory requirements

  • Advance professionalism within the family child care field

  • Collaborate with early childhood professionals statewide

  • Advocate for the family child care provider

Strategic Priorities for 2021/2022

During our annual retreat CCPC board members worked together to create strategic priorites to help us reach our goals for the upcoming year.  


Goal: To Promote professionalism in family child care in Kansas

  • One free training course upon new membership (renewal)

  • Connect with KDHE about being a part of the “welcome package” for new providers. 

  • Content on the website to outline the process toward licensure and strong operation.


Organizational Advancement

Goal: CCPC seen as a valuable, creditable, and visible organization

  • Host an annual membership drive to connect with new and returning providers

  • Identify successes and needs for support including different socioeconomic, cultural, and community dynamics..

  • Collaboration with other early childhood professionals.

  • Update website and social media to reflect current family child care topics.


Organization Excellence

Goal: Develop leadership within the field

  • Host a leadership training for members

  • Mentorship Program

  • Consistent and Continuous relationship with stakeholders statewide

  • Documentation, transparency, and education between board members.


Leadership and Innovation

Goal: To represent family child care providers by advocating for their needs and strength through positive leadership

  • Use multi mediums to disperse validated information

  • Attend stakeholder meetings as a representative of CCPC and family child care providers

  • Willingness to adapt to unpredictable and/or changing situation

Meet Our 2021-2022 Board

Angie Carnes 


Conference Chair 

Website/Social Media 

Olathe, KS



Emily Barnes

Vice President

Advocacy Chair

Olathe, KS



Laura Gunderson 


RPDP Region 2 Rep

Chapman, KS



Tiffany Mannes


Hunter Award


RPDP Region 6 Rep

Overland Park, KS



Stacy Hook 

Member at Large

RPDP Region 1 & 4 Rep 

Provider of the Year 

Emporia, KS



Sarah Goertz

Member at Large

RPDP Chair

RPDP Region 5 Rep


Maize, KS



Alexis Amos 

Member at Large

Membership Chiar

RPDP Region 3 East Rep 

Olathe, KS



Julia Bardsley

Member at Large

RPDP Region 3 West Rep


Fort Riley, KS



Beth Kirk 

Member at Large 

Provider Appreciation

Shawnee, KS



Emily Welborn

Member at Large

Conference Decoration

Wakefield, KS



Brenda Schoen

Past President



Open Position

Member at Large

Members Are the Heart of CCPC (2).png

Open Position 

Member at Large 

Members Are the Heart of CCPC (2).png

Open Position 

Member at Large 

Members Are the Heart of CCPC (2).png

Meet Our Collaborating Partners

Vicki Sutton


Trainer and Technical Assistance

Network Coordinator


Robyn Kelton

McCormick Center

for Early Childhood Leadership

Training and Technical Assistance Specialist


Reva Wywadis

ERC Resource and Referral

Executive Director 

Child Care Aware of Eastern Ks


John Wilson

Kansas Action For Children



Mitch Rucker

Kansas Action For Children

KAC EC Poilicy Advisor