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CCPC Scholarship Fund

CCPC of Kansas works hard to bring providers together from all over the state of Kansas for our annual Conference. 

Our goal is to reach as many providers as we can throughout the entire state of Kansas. We realize that many family child care providers may have a more difficult time attending an out of town conference due to budgetary restrictions and we want to make it possible to get them there!

At our 2019 conference we had a generous outpouring of members who wanted to help pay for providers conference fees. During our summer conference planning meeting we voted to create a NEW CCPC Scholarship Fund.

Money will be raised through fund raising and donations throughout the year.  

There are many ways you can give!

Participate in fundraising events.

Donate with your conference registration.

Make a one time donation to the scholarship fund

with an easy online donation.

Click below to make a donation

We look forward to helping family child care providers across the state of Kansas access quality trainings and networking opportunities.

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