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Meet Denita Dinger!

She is passionate about the learning that occurs through child-led play and providing an environment that supports a young child's natural curiosity and encourages trying new things and testing theories. 

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2020 Annual Conference

Defender of Play

Denita defends a child's right to learn through play. She has used her BS in Elementary Ed and Minor in Early Childhood Ed for the last 16 years running my Preschool/Family Child Care business. That experience taught her children truly learn the best through child-led play. Too often, play is being replaced by adult-led instruction and activities, and young children are missing out on the opportunity to build the foundation that only play can provide.  She has learned how to create environments that respect the natural process of learning. Children solve problems, strive for independence, build relationships, collaborate with others, try and fail, struggle and are empowered when given the freedom to play in a nurturing environment.



Denita is an author of two books for early childhood professionals and parents, Let them Play: An Early Learning Uncurriculum and Let's Play. Both books are co-authored with Jeff A. Johnson, a fellow early childhood education partner and founder of Explorations Early Learning. A third book Let's Play Together is in the editing phase and will be available in the winter of 2015. These books are written for anyone who has young children in their life and focus on why young children learn the best through child-led play, and how you can provide an environment rich with opportunities for children to lead their own learning.

You can find my books at Red Leaf Press or Amazon.


Nationally-known Presenter

Denita is a Nationally-known presenter at early childhood education events throughout the United States. She loves sharing proof that play is the "important stuff" with other early childhood professionals around the country. She inspires teachers to think outside the box to find creative ways for young children to learn through hands-on discoveries. She encourages them to let children work through struggles, solve problems and find confidence in their independence.

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