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Every Child Deserves Quality Child Care

March 6th, 2024 is Early Learning Advocacy Day in Topeka at the capital. It is a great time for early childhood professionals and families to connect with legislators to share the importance of quality child care. There will be time allotted to be able to speak face to face with lawmakers, but we know this is not possible for all providers and families to attend. CCPC wants to give you and your families an opportunity to share your thoughts and concerns.


Every Child Deserves Quality Care Advocacy Campaign 2024


CCPC would love share with legislators what quality child care means to the families you care for. This is a simple idea that involves the children in your program and their families.


Step 1 - Print out person outline for each child - Little Person Outline


Step 2 - Cut out a person for each child. Have each child decorate their person. Use crayons, markers, paper, glue yarn...whatever you have available.


Step 3 - Ask each parent to answer this simple question: "What does Quality Child Care mean to you?" Have them write or type out on a paper that you can glue to the back of their child's decorated person. Please include the city and county they are from.


Step 4 - Mail your decorated people to:



PO Box 121

Emporia KS 66801


CCPC will take all the little people and display them during Advocacy Day. At the end of the day, we will deliver them to individual legislators. We believe this will be a creative and impactful way to share the importance of quality child care for children and the families we serve.


CCPC would like to encourage providers to attend Advocacy Day! We understand that the date and time is not ideal for providers and requires scheduling your program to be closed. We strongly believe that family child care professional issues and concerns are important and need to be heard by lawmakers. Please, consider attending. Registration is limited so register soon!



If you have questions, please reach out for help! We are here to help you become an advocate!

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