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Listen to the Children

“We are Doing it Wrong: True Kindergarten Readiness”

In this eye-opening and IMPORTANT presentation, participants will clearly see the errors in the current “Kindergarten Readiness” mindset. We are truly, doing it wrong. This keynote has it all: the personal stories, the erroneous expectations, the data, the inspiring advocacy and most importantly: WHAT WE CAN DO TO STAND UP. The skills that hold the most value for children are not the skills most kindergarten assessment tools measure. Sadly, in the rush to force children to gain the skills erroneously needed to “check the boxes”, adults remove authentic opportunities that truly get bodies and brains “ready”. All will leave empowered to stand up and be the voice children need them to be.


“The Missed Needs in ”Miss”behaviors”

Children communicate their needs in many ways. One such way is through their behavior. The problem is, society has erroneously categorized MANY behaviors children display as “BAD” or “NOT APPROPRIATE” when truly, there is no harm in them what-so-ever. When “misbehaviors” happen, adults tend to look at the child and wonder what is wrong with THEM, instead of looking at what YOU, the adult, MISSED: What needs did you miss? What did you miss when setting the environment? What did you miss when setting your expectations? How can you better meet the needs of this child? You will leave this presentation with the ability to see the core needs shining through children’s behaviors, inspired to look at those behaviors in a totally different way as well as filled with inexpensive, simple ideas to set the environment in a way that meets the unique needs of children.


Let Go…and EMPOWER Children

This powerful workshop explores the fact that adults do way too much for children. Over-planned environments, adult[1]expectations that remove the open-ended potential from materials, preventing conflict and not allowing children the freedom to think of THEIR OWN ideas are just a few examples of what adults absolutely must let go. Participants will leave with a CLEAR understanding of not only the things they do that have removed valuable learning from children, but also exactly what that valuable learning is, and why it’s so important. You will be inspired to LET GO.. AND EMPOWER CHILDREN. Participants will realize that, no matter how well-intentioned, what they are currently doing “for children” is actually stripping away valuable learning opportunities.

2020 Annual Conference

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