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Did you know Monday, September 28th is National Family Day?

What a great time to celebrate the families in our care! As providers we know the importance of family and how spending quality time together benefits everyone involved. National Family Day encourages everyone to gather around the table and enjoy a meal together. The old saying goes, “Families who eat together, stay together”

There are so many benefits for families that set down together for meals;

· Time to connect and find about your child’s day

· Promotes healthy eating habits

· Eating smaller portions

· Less stress about food

· Learn responsibility while helping prepare the meal and cleaning up

Let’s talk about that bonding time. When parents sit down with their children over a meal, their relationships are better. It’s a great time to have conversations about their day. When your children are young, they can talk to you about the books they read or the friends they played with. As they grow older those conversations can switch to dating, grades, difficult choices they may be needing to make or even politics. These conversations start at the dinner table. The goal of these family dinners is to create a relationship where parents become and remain the people their turn to when the significant problems arise.

HOW TO CELEBRATE #NationalFamilyDay

Have a meal with your family. We know that families are all very busy and it will not look the same for everyone. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does have to include food and your family. Gather everyone and set the table, a blanket at the park or any place your family is comfortable. Talk to each other. Find out about everyone’s day. Then, commit to having another meal together before the week is out. Take a family photo and share it on our CCPC facebook page!

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