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Read Across America!

Reading NEVER gets old! It doesn’t need updating to a new format, require batteries or need charging. Doesn’t that sound amazing! One of the most important things we can teach our kids is to love books and to love reading books. That’s exactly what the National Read Across America initiative is all about. What a better way to celebrate with small children…then to celebrate the birthday of the beloved Dr. Seuss!

This celebration of reading is during the week of March 2nd. Why is March 2nd so important? Well, it’s Dr. Seuss’ birthday of course! Read Across America Day has become one of the largest celebrations of reading in the country.

We can all remember a favorite Dr. Seuss book from our childhood or that we shared with our kids, or students. This Reading Across America celebration is meant to encourage a whole year of reading and a lifetime of reading enjoyment.

Get involved and begin planning the different ways to encourage the celebration of Read Across America Day for the upcoming week!

Here are a few ideas for your classroom to get you started!

Seuss Dinner Party

Celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss with a feast! Decorate in all things Dr. Seuss with banners of his characters, a display of his story books, and some of his famous quotes. Incorporate a few of his favorite dishes including green eggs and ham, who hash, and roast beast. Children can help make some of these delicious recipes and set them out for everyone to enjoy.

Dress Up Party

Have a fun dress up day! Everyone can dress up as their favorite character from a Dr. Seuss story. Dress up as the Cat in the Hat, or maybe, Horton who can hear the Who’s. Let’s not forget about Thing One and Thing Two, Cindy Lou Who or the Lorax. The list is endless of characters that can be brought to life with a costume. To continue the celebration of Read Across America throughout the party, stories can be re-enacted with some dramatic area activities.

Here are some fun ideas on Pinterest!

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