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2024 CCPC P.L.A.Y.
Professional Development Event

April 2024

Virtual CCPC P.L.A.Y. Academy

Providers Learning and Advocating for Young Children

What to expect during the events


Opportunity to earn 8 KDHE hours

Interactive Facebook Event

Extended Workshop Discussion

Giveaways in every workshop

CCPC understands that providers have become accustomed to earning all 16 of the KDHE required hours from CCPC. However, with so many of our collaborating partners offering trainings for free or at a reduced price, we took a survey, asking providers what they needed from us. As a result of providers input, this year we will offering 8 hours virtually in the spring event and 6 hours in-person at our fall event.

Registration Is OPEN!

Hope you will be able to join us!

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2020 Annual Conference

Questions About Professional Development Event and Conference?
Laura Gunderson - Conference Chair

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