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Pearls of Wisdom - Nap Time Struggles

Dear Pearl,

I’m struggling with how to entertain nonsleepers during nap time. I really need the nappers to get their rest, and being that I am alone, it’s my only time for a break. How can I keep nonnappers quiet and entertained?

-Tired Tabitha

Dear Tabitha

We’ve all encountered this dilemma at one point or another. Not all kids will sleep on the same schedule, and add on to that some regulations require children to be within sight of the provider at all times, and you’ve got the recipe for a loud house. First and foremost, have a solid nap time routine that helps everyone relax and quiet down. This might include reading a book, practicing a mindfulness breathing exercise, and playing calming music. Next, be sure to offer quiet activities. It may be helpful to offer these items only during nap time to help add to their novelty. When choosing quiet time activities, open-ended materials and loose parts will give children the opportunity to use their imagination. You may also consider offering older children limited time on electronics. Tablets with child-proof covers have become readily available for less than $100. There are also free or subscription-type learning apps that will engage children in age-appropriate games. It may take some trial and error, but rest-assured, a relaxing quiet time is possible.

And that’s your Pearl of Wisdom

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