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Child Care Articles

Stay up to date with research-based, teacher-focused articles on birth to age 8 from articles from around the web. 


How Processed-Focused Art Experiences Support Preschoolers

Embracing Process Art in Early Childhood Programs


Child Development 

Here's What a 4 Year Old Should Know

The Importance of Pretend Writing

Reading Readiness Has to Do With the Body

Get a Grip on Fine Motor Development


How to Support Children's Approaches to Learning

5 Things Children Learn at Preschool that are a Waste of Time and not DAP


Capitalizing on Culture: Engaging Young Learners in Diverse Classrooms

Now Read This! Books that Support Diversity, Conversations, and Play

Family Support/Connection

Understanding the Importance of Parent Involvement

The Next Generation of Fathers

10 Positive Parenting Tips For More Family Happiness

Making Meaningful Family Connections

Dealing with the Baby Gap Syndrome

Inclusion/Special Needs



Equalizing Opportunities to Learn: A Collaborative Approach to Language and Literacy Development in Preschool

Playdough Power

Everyday Steps to Reading and Writing


Being active in play environments: The key to children’s health and wellbeing

Outdoor Environment

Playgrounds, kids and making trouble

The Perks of a Play-in-the-Mud Educational Philosophy


30 Hidden Signs of Anxiety in Children You Need to Know

A Safe Place at Home

Promoting Healthy Attachments with Children

Fostering Independence in Young Children

Challenging Behavior


Seeing Children do More with Less

Mixed-Age Classrooms Provide Optimal Learning Environment

Health & Safety 

Child Passenger Safety


How Much Should My Child Be Eating

13 Proven Strategies for Picky Eaters

Baby Led-Weaning or Spoon Feeding

Importance of Play

Play Power: How to turn around our creative crisis

The top 10 benefits of Play

Rough and Tumble Play

Play-Based Learning Leads to School Readiness

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