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Special Events

Online Vendors
Going Virtual can't stop us from shopping!  We will be having an online event where vendors can share their products, offers and links to their business pages. 

Scholastic Book Fair
Our book fair is going Virtual!  The scholastic book fair is a great place to find affordable books for you program.  Points earned from sales will go to purchasing books for our members! 

Presentation of Provider of the Year & Hunter Award
These are such amazing awards!  We will be making special videos to highlight the winners with their awards.  Make sure to take time to watch the videos and congratulate the winners.

Idea Sharing Area
During our event we will be sharing ideas and working on collaborating with providers from across the state. 

Virtual Swag Bag
We are working with businesses and vendors to collect coupons and discounts for all our participants. 


2020 Annual Conference

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