2019 Event Keynote Speaker

Jessica Griffin

The last eight years Jessica Griffin has been at the elementary level and prior to that at the intermediate level.  Jessica has taught at the primary level and served as an instructional coach.  She holds license in elementary education, special education, teaching English as a Second Language, and building level leadership all from Emporia State University.  She enjoys learning and collaborating with colleagues on implementing trauma responsive practices. Jessica has served as a principal for eleven years in the Emporia Public School System. She has presented at the local and state level on a variety of topics, including the implementation of trauma responsive care within the school setting.

Raising Resilience

How do we begin to make the shift from understanding the impact of trauma, chronic stress, and poverty within our children's' lives to helping them build resilience? Our world has changed and our educational system and caregiver approaches must evolve in order to spark hope and build resilience within our population. We will focus on how to create a true family within your child care program by promoting safety, connectedness, hope, empathy, and commitments.  Our time together will highlight means to build intrinsic motivation, identify methods for effectively managing self, and build psychological safety within our systems.  Participants will have the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from one another as we share our journey from traditional systems, to trauma responsive practices, to bridging to resilience within our children. 

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