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Nominating Committee


1. A chairperson and two committee members shall be appointed by the president and approved by the board. Submit a "Call for Board Members" in the Nov/Dec and the Jan/Feb. newsletters. Make sure it is added to our website and on our Facebook page.

2. Become familiar with CCPC'S Bylaws, Policies and duties of Officers and Board Members.

3. Identify willing, qualified and eligible providers to serve as Board Members. Seek persons from different geographic areas.

4. Send nominees an application that includes a return profile, a copy of duties for the position they are running, responsibilities of board members, and a list of current board members’ names and phone numbers.

5. Collect all profiles and submit a paragraph for each candidate and a paragraph on the voting procedures to the newsletter editor by February 20th for the March newsletter.

6. Submit articles on the voting process and absentee ballot to the editor for the March newsletter.

7. Voting will take place during conference, ballots will be counted after registration but before lunch by at least three people and announced at banquet luncheon, by the nominating chair.

8. The election results will be given to the newsletter editor to publish in the May/June newsletter.

9. Absentee ballots will be mailed to the CCPC post office address.

10. Write letters or emails, or verbally contact all nominees immediately after the election with results.

11. Send bills to CCPC treasurer for postage, copies of letters and/or bills.

12. Keep the board roster up to date, give copies to board members, and make sure it’s on the website.



Board Meeting 



Board Meeting 

Select Committee 


20th - Newsletter Article Due "Call for Board Members" 

Call for board members added to web page 


Board Meeting 

5th - President email members "Call for Board Members" 


20th - Article Due - "Voting Process and absentee Ballots" include bios and pictures of nominees 


Board Meeting 



Mini Meeting before conference 

Mini Meeting after conference 

Voting at conference and counting ballots - Announce new board at Awards Banquet 

20th - Newsletter - election results 



Retreat Board Meeting 



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