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Board Duties

4 Executive Board Members & 10 Members at Large

  1. Keep a notebook or computer file on your office/committee activities of CCPC, then pass information on to the President at the end of your term

  2. Attend and participate in all CCPC board meetings.

  3. Attend the annual CCPC conference.

  4. Sign up to work during CCPC’s conference.

  5. Answer all board correspondents by mail or e-mail in a timely manner, within 24 hours.

  6. Reimbursement requests must be submitted in a timely manner. Requests older than 90 days will not be considered.

  7. Use the CCPC, P.O. Box 121, Emporia, KS, 66801, for mailing to and from for all CCPC business (except for inner board communication).

  8. CC or BC all emails regarding CCPC business (except for inner board communication) to

  9. Any changes made to forms or information given to the public will first be approved by a majority of the executive board.

  10. Any board member authorized to represent CCPC and/or using CCPC funds will make documentation (board approved) before receiving reimbursement for expenses. Documentation will include a report of information to the board and if appropriate a newsletter article to the editor.

Call for new board members - January

Vote on new board members - Annual Meeting

New board members are introduced and matched with mentor - May

New board members become active with voting rights - Retreat

Board Term - 2 years 

Expected to attended all meetings, retreat and conference

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