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Vendors Chair

Duties and Timeline

  • Create a list of profit and non-profit businesses to contact 

  • Use CCPC approved emails, applications and graphics to recruit profit & non-profit business.  All approved information can be found on website. 

  • Send out a call for vendors through email, social media and web page

  • Follow up with requests in a timely manner 

  • Send a confirmation email to all paid applications

  • Create a list of paid vendors with contact information

  • Provide conference chair with a complete list of vendors.

  • Create a vendor report for retreat





Board Meeting

Share a list of vendors to contact from past events



Send out a call for vendors through email, social media and web page

Member Email - Call for Vendors



Board Meeting

Share list of paid vendors at board meeting - follow up with vendors

Newsletter - Call for Vendors



Share list of paid vendors with conference chair - follow up with vendors



15th - Deadline for Vendor Payment - will guarantee name in programs

Share list of paid vendors at board meeting - follow up with vendors



Share list of paid vendors with conference chair - follow up with vendors

Create a scavenger hunt for attendees that can be included in registration packets.



Give final report on vendors attending event.

Have scavenger hunt ready to be added to registration packets.

Send out schedule and layout to vendors.  This will be given to you by the conference chair. 



A week before event check in with vendors to see if they have any questions 

Create a sign with Business & Name for each table - will be placed on tables for set up. 

Day of event give vendors thank you for participating gift along with evaluation

Collect evaluations at the end of the event



Create a report for retreat - Names/Contacts/Money Collected/Evaluations



Share report at retreat  

2020 Vendor List
2020 Vendor Letter
2023 Fall NP Vendor Letter
2023 Fall Vendor Letter
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